1.  Life is supposed to feel yummy.
2.  Beauty is Nourishing.........
3.  You are meant  to feel amazingly beautiful in your clothes.   
4.  You are Beautiful!!!
Ever since I can remember, I've been making things. It's been as natural for me as breathing.  When I'm able to hold and wear something that I created with my own hands, I feel amazing.  It begins as a spark of an idea, gets mixed with plenty of knowing about how I want it to feel as it moves with my body, incubates in the fertile plain of my imagination, and then, only when it's ready, pops out like an anxious spring blossom greeting the sky with it's bright color-coat on.
This is what I want my clothes to feel like:  Free, moveable, danceable, breathable, delicious, feminine, special, soft, stretchy, yummy, solid, beautiful, sexy, flattering, fun.
So that is what I have created, from my heart and all that I know to be good and true, to share with you.  It would be so selfish if I kept the good feeling to myself!

May you be blessed and remember how truly beautiful you are.