Mover of the Month - Ann Humphreys

Meet Ann Humphreys of

Ann teaches meditative hoopdance to adults.  Her website features online classes which take you from I-can't-hoop to core hooping in both directions on the waist, chest, and legs.  She also has several hoopdance tutorials on her youtube channel.
1)  What is your favorite way to move your body these days, and why? 
I am loving ecstatic dance here in Carrboro-- free, open, creative dance in community.  I love the freedom of being hoopless!  And the energy that comes from dancing with others.  

2)  Tell us about one of your superpowers….. 
I am naturally curious and so I really, truly enjoy meeting new people and finding out about their lives.  It was a quality that served me well when I was working as an investigator in (believe it or not) death-penalty appeals cases.

3)  Who inspires you by the way they move? 
I am a huge fan of the hip-hop dance icon Marquese Scott, aka Nonstop--phenomenal pop-n-locker.  Hoopwise, I am loving Dizzy Dynamic out of Chicago---a magical mover! 

Ann is wearing the Jedi Coat

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