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Meet Kelly Atkins -

Kelly Atkins, BS in Health and Wellness, created Kai in 2013 after being in the dance and mind-body movement field for over 30 years.  She blended her background of traditional fitness, yoga, dance and wellness coaching with what she felt would support her community by observing them through the years.  Kai is now 3 years old and trademarked, there are over 60 graduates of the training program (for teachers or personal development) called "Earth Immersion" which is available as an at home online training, as well as an on site training offered bi-annually in Sarasota Florida. Kai blends Authentic Movement with the elements, music, brain awareness, archetypes (positive psychology), and embodied anatomy.

1) What is your favorite way to move your body these days, and why?
My all time favorite is Kai.  Kai (sounds like "fly") is a movement practice I created 3 years ago that blends 21 simple movements designed to stimulate the legs, feet, core and arms sequentially throughout the body with Authentic Movement and the elements of nature.  In every class we move and align with the elements of nature to "feng shui" our insides and our minds into a beautiful space that feels amazing.   I also love to practice Authentic Movement on it's own.  It gives me time and space to deeply connect within and find the sources of my movements to explore.  From here I can create choreography that has meaning and texture.  Since it's done with a witness it also gives the experience a very profound space to explore love in self, being seen, and clearing any self limiting thoughts that I may harbor around this.  Sometimes I video myself or practice Authentic Movement through technology with friends abroad.  

2) Tell us about your superpowers…..
Two of my super powers are creativity and vision.  I have been able to look at any situation and see the patterns and opportunities that are opening and create beauty from them.  In dance, I feel it as a subtle "yes" deep inside me that I am moving from something meaningful.  It's really quite blissful as it comes together.  I love to share this with others and help them find that "inner radar" and bliss connection inside of them as well.  I imagine a world where everyone has access to this inner radar and we all make empowered choices creating together.  

3)  Who inspires you by the way they move?
I enjoy watching animals and things I see in nature. I like to move like a thunderstorm, slash with lightening or be a big curvy oak tree in a forest. There is so much in nature to be inspired by, from the clouds ascending to a rainbow or the stillness of a lizard watching me watch him.  Often when I dance barefoot in my backyard, at first I feel self conscious or "stuck", and then I feel I am not alone .......I begin to sense the breeze on my cheek and the whisper of the wind through the leaves and suddenly there are birds making sounds along with other creatures and so much to blend or contrast with.  My movements harmonize with the moment and I dissolve into sensations that turn off my mind. I always end feeling refreshed even if I've been outside only 5 minutes.  Nature is amazing in it's ability to change our inner states if we let it in.  

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