Mover of the Month - Meet Theresa Quintans

Mover of the Month - Meet Theresa Quintans

Meet Theresa Quintans

When she's not nurturing the creativity of our youth, Theresa teaches adult Nia classes at Oak Cliff Aikikai, a martial arts dojo, and at Sync Yoga & Wellbeing.  Both locations are in Dallas, Texas.  It's a wonderful balance of things she loves to do in life.  



1)  What's your favorite way to move your body these days, and why?

I stumbled upon Nia some 15 years ago and haven't turned back since. In the beginning, it was simply the sheer joy of moving IN my body that attracted me to Nia.  This grew into greater body acceptance, body awareness, increased movement skill and mobility; all the while never losing that initial sense of JOYful movement.

2) Tell us about one of your superpowers…..

Whenever I teach, whether "littles" or full-grown, what makes me happiest is when others discover JOY within themselves.  I hope that in some small way, I played a part in that self-discovery.

3)  Who inspires you by the way they move?

As an art educator, I also love sharing my love of music and movement with my students.  "Dance breaks" are the norm in art class.  My students' raw and organic moves always inspire me!

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