Mover of the Month - Wendy Roman

Mover of the Month - Wendy Roman

Meet Wendy Roman

Wendy is a conscious movement facilitator with a life long love of dance! Her offerings include Nia and conscious freestyle dance. Rhythmwood is an eco-friendly dance studio and homestead which was born out of a decision to move back to the land 27 years ago. She welcomes people to stay with them for their summer retreats which feature dancing, eating fresh food and building deep connections. Her newest program is called Rhythmwood Soul Journey: Dance of the Feminine Spirit. This body of work is an invitation for women to move deeper inward, to connect with authentic embodiment as a source of presence and power in their life.  

 1)  What is your favorite way to move your body these days, and why?

I love to move my body freely and consciously in dance. I love being invited to dance in my own way, with my own expression of what I am experiencing in the moment. The dance floor becomes the place where I can really drop into my body, and the dance becomes a moving meditation where I can practice present moment awareness.  

2) Tell us about one of your superpowers…..

I have always been deeply connected to music, growing up in a home where my father was a jazz musician. As a teenager I was an avid collector of vinyl, then eventually CD's. My living room is filled with albums! One of my superpowers is my ability to identify songs and artists, and create wickedly awesome playlists for dancing!  

3)  Who inspires you by the way they move?

I am inspired by Michael Molin-Skelton of Spirit Weaves. I first met Michael in the Soul Motion Leadership Training. It is a true gift to be in his presence. His dance is filled with a deep sense of the sacred. He moves with soulful grace and beauty. The long flowing fabrics that he wears to dance accentuate his movement with swish and swirl. Pause and flow. It is a real delight to witness Michael on the dance floor!   


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